The Biz

I’ll admit that I hate the idea of business.

I know money must flow, but to feel like I’m out to make money, for myself or for anyone else, is just repulsive to me.

That’s just it… it’s not my lack of ambition that’s kept me at a desk instead of behind a microphone for so long… I’m just afraid of chasing money instead of melody. ¬†Seriously. ¬†I am.

But when I put things in perspective, money has to come in somehow, and I may as well be doing what I love doing, and contributing in a way I feel is helpful.

So I’ve decided to soldier on this year, get out of my comfort zone, and just jump in this year.

And the thing is… there are perks.

Like getting to see your name on adorable little business cards.

Um, yes please.

About Courtney

Singer. Songwriter. Kitchen Concoctor. Sewing-machiner. Home-maker-prettier. New wifey. Montanan by birth and at heart. In love with Nashville forever.
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