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Singer. Songwriter. Kitchen Concoctor. Sewing-machiner. Home-maker-prettier. New wifey. Montanan by birth and at heart. In love with Nashville forever.

Back in the Grown-Up Club

Many months ago, enough months that I don’t remember how many but I’m guessing maybe even a full year at this point, our bed frame fell apart. Twice. Back before I met Grant, he lived with two of his cousins … Continue reading

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Live Long and Prosper

Life has been so CRAZY lately. At some point, hopefully sooner than later, I am going to sit down and detail for you the last two months (well, maybe just the beginning of November, mostly, because EUROPE), but until then, … Continue reading

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I’ve been freeeeeeeeaking out lately.  I’ve been feeling unsettled and uninspired and unEVERYTHINGYOUCANIMAGINE. Someday I write about it all but at the moment it’s still sort of got to be kept under wraps. When I was a kid, my mom … Continue reading

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Paying it Forward, Pt. 2

On Sunday an event invitation made its way to me on Facebook. On Monday, for some reason I can’t even articulate, I decided to go back and read some of the archives at  They’re still there. I like me … Continue reading

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Because Daydreaming Is the First Step

I’ve been considering a lot of “next steps” lately. I’m beginning to feel a bit like a kid with “Senioritis,” knowing there is an end (and a beginning) in sight, but not having the power to get there, not yet. … Continue reading

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Towels Coming Out of My Ears and other Stream of Consciousness Nonsense

Right now I’m hanging out in bed with a glass of sangria and my ipad (except now I’m on Millie the Macbook for ease of blogging, but just a second ago – the ipad) feeling pretty proud of myself.  Grant … Continue reading

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So Good For Right Now

We have been working toward some really aggressive financial goals lately.  Super aggressive.  One of them, as of last month, is met (so long student loans, and good riddance!) and ever since I sent in that final payment, I have … Continue reading

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Weekend Bliss

Weekends are lovely this time of year. We spent most of Saturday cleaning up the place a bit. Then we laid out fancy (but easy-peasy!) snacks and shared an evening viewing of Les Miserables with my friend Paige. It was … Continue reading

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Put My Heart Down

And because I want to remember this foreeeeeeeever:   She’s basically been liking any tweet where someone tells her the new album is awesome so it really probably doesn’t mean anything BUT I’M GOING TO PRETEND IT DOES. The end.

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Music Row

Did you know that if you google “Music Row” and view the images you actually get a bunch of pictures of downtown on Broadway? Not the same thing, my friends.  But I know why that happens – Music Row really … Continue reading

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